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#875: Bringing it Back to America, iOS 7 Preview, SMB2 in OS X Mavericks, 2013 eWaste Recycling Events


Greetings from Small Dog!

Well, the dust has cleared from the crazy week that was WWDC and E3. For any tech fan, it turned out to be a thrilling week with tons of announcements and showcases. Apple made some big splashes announcing iOS 7, OS X (“Mavericks”), a new MacBook Air line and the completely redone Mac Pro.

It was exciting to find out that both the mobile OS and OS X were available in beta form as they were speaking. Several of us here have been able to get our hands on them, and they sure are promising. I have been using both and it’s going to be exciting to watch the betas develop as we move closer to their release dates.

We have a more in-depth look of WWDC in today’s issue. Shawn outlines how Apple not only made a distinct change in the design of the Mac Pro, but also in its manufacturing. Kyle speaks about his personal experience so far with the iOS 7 developers’ beta release, and last but not least, Jason has a detailed article on SMB2 and how OS X Mavericks now integrates it into its sharing protocols.

We’re also excited to announce that our annual eWaste Recycling Events for 2013 have been confirmed — see below for dates and details. Hope you enjoyed the tech feed for the week. We have much more to come, so stay tuned!


  Bringing it Back to America  

This past week, at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, many new exciting products were introduced. Among them, the long-awaited Mac Pro.

The new cylindrical design looks very different from previous incarnations of Mac Pro (and Power Mac before it). Along with a completely new form factor, Apple has brought the production back to United States. Rumors are saying that this will mainly be with a company out of Fort Worth, Texas called Flextronics, which if true, will bring many more jobs to the area.

Mac Pro will debut “later this year” according to Apple, so in the meantime, check out more information on our blog or at their website here.

  iOS 7 Preview  

iOS 7 is a new operating system that is a pretty good-sized overhaul to Apple’s previous OS, marking the first major change to the iPhone interface. I have had the pleasure of getting to play with the new operating system and I have to say that it is an excellent upgrade. There are a lot of new tweaks and graphic changes that enhance the experience, which definitely curbs my desire for a new device!

One of the main improvements that I have come to use constantly is what’s been changed about multitasking. Instead of just showing you the icons of the applications that are suspended, it gives you the page of the application so you can see where you left off. It’s easier to decide you didn’t want to close an app if you can see what you were doing at the time of switching apps.

Another feature I use all the time is the Control Center; swipe up just like you swipe down for the Notification Center and you have access to all your options and the most useful apps preinstalled in the OS. There is even a preinstalled flashlight! You no longer have to download an app just to see in the dark. The one I had was loaded with ads, and every time I tried to change the settings, I ended up hitting one of the ads, the flashlight would shut off, and Safari would launch. I’d have to wait, close Safari, reopen the flashlight app, and wait for the light to kick in before I could continue.

Currently there are a few graphical glitches, but it is a beta after all. We can’t expect an OS that isn’t complete to not have a few glitches. Overall, I’m impressed with the direction of iOS 7, and yes, there are a few similarities between iOS 7 and some other OS’s out there.

Try it if you can get your hands on the beta. If not, preview it here.

  SMB2 in OS X Mavericks  

In our Consulting department at Small Dog Electronics, we deal with numerous business clients who have mixed Mac and PC networks. This often means that we have to integrate Mac users with a Windows file server, or Windows users with a Mac file server.

Sometimes this is easy and seamless, and sometimes we run into problems because of differences in the default file sharing protocols used for each system — AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) on Mac vs SMB (Server Message Block) on Windows. While the Mac can host SMB and connect to SMB, it is not on equal footing with Windows, and on the other side, Windows requires special software to connect using the AFP protocol. If only it could all be simpler…

Now with OS X Mavericks, it will be. Apple is switching to SMB2 as the new default file sharing protocol for connecting to both Macs and Windows machines. This is a better and more powerful version of SMB than has previously been included in OS X, and should improve file sharing for mixed environments, with OS X servers and clients and Windows servers and clients. AFP will still be supported, but Apple is making a good move for interoperability, which I think is a good thing.

While there are all sorts of cool developments in Mavericks, this one will really simplify my working life and make supporting mixed environments much easier. I look forward to not having to worry about file sharing headaches that I have had to deal with in the past.

Here are the details from Apple.

  2013 eWaste Recycling Events  

Our annual eWaste Recycling Events have returned. We’ll be holding events in Manchester, NH and in Rutland, VT:

  • Saturday, July 27 in Manchester, NH
  • Saturday, September 21 in Rutland, VT

Note that these collection events are FREE to the public, and include recycling for all kinds of ewaste. For more details, including times, what’s accepted (and not) and more, visit

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