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#924: Nintendo is Going Mobile, The Importance Of Backing Up Your Information, Oh No! My HDD (or SSD) is Full!


Greetings Friends,

Spring is here! The snow is melting and the amount of cyclists and pedestrians is steadily increasing. I can officially start wearing just my hoodie outside instead of 17 layers.

This morning I was crossing the UVM green while commuting to work and saw a college student yank his iPhone out of his back pocket by the EarPod cable and swing it to his front to start using the device. I must say, I was surprised to see this, and it explains why we see many plugs broken off in jacks. I’d highly suggest never suspending an iOS device by the cable. It was not designed for this, and needless to say, could easily result in the device hitting the ground hard.

I hope you enjoy the articles we have for you this week!

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  Nintendo is Going Mobile  

Nintendo made a big announcement this week: They will be making Nintendo games for the mobile market, and they were not talking about the Game Boy. Nintendo is teaming up with a Japanese Company named DeNA with all of Nintendo’s intellectual property on the table for development of mobile apps as well as the possibility of online content. No word yet on whether it will be coming to iOS devices but, with the popularity of Nintendo’s games, I’m hoping to see some Mario Kart action on the iPad. After the announcement Nintendo stock spiked, but it looks like nothing is going to be released until fall of this year.

Read more here.

  The Importance Of Backing Up Your Information  

Whenever we here at Small Dog accept a device in for repair, one of the first questions we ask our customers is how their personal information is backed up. It is critical for us technicians to know this as there is alway the chance your data may be compromised in some way, which is possibly how your computer got to our Service Department in the first place.

Data recovery can be costly, time consuming, and it is not a perfect science. There is always a chance your data can either be unrecoverable or ultimately lost forever. If a photo is worth a thousand words, there aren’t many words that can be said (in mixed company) when your memories are lost. Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways you can save your pictures of first steps, precious wedding songs, or important documents.

External Drives

An external drive gives you multiple ways and multiple options to back up your memories. A “Flash Drive” (sometimes known as a “Zip Drive” or “Thumb Drive”) is a portable and inexpensive way to store duplicates of your important files. Flash Drives come with a standard USB connection so you may transfer your files between multiple computers at multiple locations. A Flash Drive is as portable as you are.

An external drive can be wired or wirelessly connected to your Mac. It can be an optical drive where you can burn data to a CD or DVD, a traditional hard drive with a spinning internal disc, or a newer solid state drive with no moving parts to safely store your data.

Click here for many more alternatives to saving and backing up your important data.

iTunes Match

If music makes the world go around, iTunes will keep your songs spinning like a record baby, right round baby…round round. It is built in to every Mac and is also available as a download for (gasp!) a PC! All your music is in one place, easy to organize and with iTunes Match you can even store songs you’ve imported from your own CDs, thus backing them up.

Click here for more information on iTunes Match


You will not need an umbrella for this feature! The iCloud safely and securely saves your most important things like documents, notes, and contacts. It helps you easily share photos, locations, and calendars. It will even help you find your device if you lose it. iCloud Drive lets you store presentations, PDFs, images, and other documents. You can also back up photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch automatically as long as your device is plugged in a connected to Wi-Fi. You can even restore your iOS device from the cloud or set up a new one. Did you lose your iPhone? Find My iPhone can help find a lost iPhone, iPad or Macbook Air. If you cannot get to it in time, Find My Phone can make it impossible for anyone to get ahold of your information.

Click here for more information on iCloud.

Time Machine

No, it doesn’t come in blue nor do you need 1.21 gigawatts of power to use yet another way to back up and store your important documents. Time Machine is a program built in to every Mac backs up ALL your data including system files, apps, photos, and documents. Your data is backed up to an external drive or to a Time Capsule.

Click here for more information on Time Machine.

Time Capsule

This does not come in blue either. The Time Capsule is a Wi-Fi base station and a backup device all in one. The Time Capsule provides not only super fast Wi-Fi when connected to your modem, but it also backs up your Mac exactly like the Time Machine does without the need for another external hard drive. The Time Capsule has up to 3 Terabytes of storage available so you can back up multiple Macs.

Click here for more information on Time Capsule.

If a “stitch in time saves nine,” a timely back up will save you not only your important data and memories but also time, money, hassles and headaches.

  Oh No! My HDD (or SSD) is Full!  

Is your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive) full? Is your system giving you a warning about how you are running out of space? This is a problem I have very regularly due to my constant downloading. But there is the more relevant question…is my drive actually getting full?

Find out how full your HDD really is because there is no sense in fretting over needing more free space if you actually have plenty enough. How much is plenty enough? That really depends on the individual and what your needs are.

You can find how much space is being used on your HDD by right clicking the HDD icon on your desktop (if you do not have this icon, you can make it appear by going to Finder > Preferences > General and checking the Hard discs box) by pressing Control on your keyboard when you click. This will give you a pop-up menu where you can select “Get Info”. Another option is to use the “Get Info” shortcut: Command-I when the HDD icon is highlighted.

A window should pop up with the name of your HDD followed by “Info”. In that window you should see “Capacity” in the “General” section. That’s the overall size of the drive. Below that is “Available.” That is how much space you have left. If there are hundreds or even dozens of gigabytes left, you have nothing to fear. If you have just a couple there is reason for concern, as you do not have much wiggle room. If you have just a few hundreds of megabytes left you need to start looking for stuff you can get rid of. Emptying your trash is a good place to start, just make sure to verify that there is nothing worth keeping before you hit delete.


St. Patrick’s Day
Lots of basketball
SPRING ….finally!

We are embracing the mayhem all month long with specials on monitors, speakers, fitness trackers, backup batteries, cases, headphones and much more! The second half is now underway so it is time to welcome spring with open arms, grab some wireless headphones and your backup drive, and head outdoors.

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MisFit Fitness Tracker

Set your fitness goals and track your progress. Use points to easily measure all your activities, such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling. This device tracks everything from steps to sleep, and will even keep a daily photo food journal. This small device is completely waterproof right out of the box. This is not something you have to carry on your wrist. You can simply clip it to an article of clothing, wear it as a necklace or even attach it to your sneaker during a run.

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Backup Battery Solar Recharging

While it looks like just a flashlight and a lantern, its so much more. It is a portable power supply that features a solar panel and backup hand crank. Anything that can be charged with a USB cable can be recharged with the Torch 250. Charge on the go by solar power, or if the sun seems to be hiding, you have the option to hand crank to produce extra juice. Goal Zero Torch 250 is an ideal companion for your summer camping trips, the car, boat, or truck and great to have in case of an emergency.

Outdoor Tech Rugged Portable Speaker

This fun colored speaker comes in a small package but produces a BIG sound! Great companion for a day outside in the sun. Bring it with you while you plant your seeds or mount it to your handlebar on your bicycle for a ride around town. This speaker wirelessly connects with your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

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